Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Insulted by a Clown

I'm going to share the following because I still find it amusing. At one time, I had an anti-mime site, and talked to various people in the few peripheral communities that would intersect with, and had exchanged a few emails with someone who was a clown, that told me about another clown that was very rude and insulting to them, and I gave my opinion on that other person. In some way I don't know, they got that e-mail and sent me a well-reasoned and thoughtful reply. Here is that response and my reply back, which was the last I ever heard from that clown.

 > I don't know who you are but you're very stupid..
> You're obviously one on 
> [good clown's]  worms..

I'm a moderator on an anti-clown forum. My regenerative segmented body notwithstanding, I am my own worm, no one else's.

>   I"m taking you to court for defamation of
> character. 

Okay, you do that. I'll be in the corner holding my breath, just ask for Blue Boy.

Better  yet why don't
> you come over to my house and say all that to me to
> my face.

Because you've already read it, and I'm not one for redundancy.

>Or are you a wimp like the Lesbian Sharon.

What does sexual orientiation have to do with any of this?

>  I have a copy of the e-mail you sent to the Lesbian
> clown about me.. 

Good for you - you want a cookie? What is it with your obsession with lesbians? Me think you doth protest too much, Ellen.

> obvious she's still  off her medication for her
> by-polar. or when she  gossiped
> about me to you. I just read it and again you are
> stupid for writing  that
> e-mail, You need some serious help.

I'm getting serious help in the form of counselling and two different medications for depression, but thanks for your concern all the same.

> You will be in
> your own little circle  in
> Hell with Sharon.  That's where  people like you and
> her  belong.

Ah my very own circle of hell. Only us special people get our own. Thank you for your kind words.

>I'm not demented I just don't take crap from >low-lives like your self and let you get away with it. 

I was talking about you, not to you. And I would reaffirm that I think you are demented, as you're sending insulting e-mails to me for criticizing you to someone else, not to mention my earlier reasoning of your batshit insano bible-thumping balderdash.

>Anyone who judges some one they don't know has no >life and feeds off of other peoples trash,

We judge people we don't know all the time. If there's a cheeseburger and it doesn't look too dirty, I might dig into the trash.

>you're obviously a follower and not a leader.


>So you're probably, what, a mammas boy. Didn't your mamma teach you anything, or is this what she taught you.

Yep, I'm a Mama's Boy. She really didn't teach me anything one way or another about arguments and disagreements between clowns via e-mail.