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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

[Hero System/Savage Worlds/ICONS] Blessed Machine Q&A Chat

Blessed Machine Q&A Chat

Sunday, August 2nd at 7pm CST

Have a look around BlessedMachine, then click the Chat link in BlessedMachine.Com's menu

"I will be hosting a chat session at chat. I will go over all the Blessed Machine products and discuss our current project Secret Agents of CROSS. Obviously, since it is a Q&A, we'll take any questions throughout. Thanks!

-Pete Ruttman (Pruttm), Publisher @ Blessed Machine,Author of Secret Agents of CROSS"

Blessed Machine Products on RPGNow:

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Free Tabletop Rolayplaying Games Reminder

Hey all, this is just a sort of "update" (though some of the links are the same) of a good selection of resources for legally, freely available tabletop roleplaying games for download - some indie and new(er), some old and kindly made free by their creators. Take a look, there's likely something you'll like!

Free Tabletop RPGs

There are free rpg day collections and just in general lots of people doing other free rpgs. Many full games also have free quickstart or test drive rules.This is just a quick, small sample:

One Thousand Monkeys, etc:

John Kim's:

RPG Free List:

Chris Garrison:

SciFi Free RPG List:

RPG Library Log: (work pages from last, 5, from free to pay)



West End Game/Opens D6: or


Free RPG Day:

Call of Cthulhu QS:

Savage Worlds TD:

DriveThruRPG Search for Free :

Friday, July 17, 2015

Women Wrestling Low Blows Is A Thing

So... a video collection of women in wrestling receiving "illegal low blows" exists. First, I can't believe there are this many, though obviously some are very nickel and dime promotions, and second, someone said "I need to collect these all in one video". You can always tell the ... true wrestling fans?

Now I see there is at least one more, apparently by a girl:

And now I see Female Low Blows, Nut Shot (Nut Shot) , Crotch Shot, It Hurts Girls Too... is there some internet meme or fad I missed until now? In looking through these, I see one or two low blows on guys, usually just a clip from one match or something, like there isn't as much interest. What could this mean?

I welcome any thoughts on this!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

DeviantArt Search for Pro Wrestling (Odd Offerings)

Sometimes you are interested in a topic or hobby. I like pro wrestling, or "rasslin'" as some people call it, though not nearly as much now as I used to be. But anyway, you look for instances of it, creative ideas about it, just about anywhere. So I decided to see how other fans interpret or include professional wrestling in their own interests and artistic projects... what better place than DeviantArt to see his this plays out in reality? Maybe much better places - maybe any place. Search for "pro wrestling" on DeviantArt at your own mental peril, fans.

Freedom in an Owned World: Too much change/Not enough change

 Kind of an interesting discussion about the tabletop RPG Warhammer going on, both an article and some thoughts on it being too big, or too small, and how the IP is protected. Which to me I find a bit odd, given how fans and fans alone kept Warhammer "going" amd even improved upon and expanded, until a second edition was made.
Freedom in an Owned World: Too much change/Not enough change: Right. It is about time that I weighed on the big debate about changes in Warhammer. I've had plenty of time to consider the rules and ...

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Psychic Circle Mini Review and Ouija Thoughts

Hey everybody, I don't normally delve a whole lot into this in my gaming material, but this sort of qualified as a "board game", and it's new content, so hey! Who know, you might find it interesting.

If anyone has any quastions or comments or experiences to share, please feel free to comment here or on the video or wherever you darn well please! If you like it, please like, share and subscribe!