Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Top 36 DeviantArt Search Images for "Wrestling"

Well, I was uploading something to Deviant Art, and being a wrestling fan, I thought I'd look and see if there were any interesting wrestling-related images up. Now I make wrestling images too, so I've seen a few odd ones over the years, but had never just sat down and typed "wrestling" and looked at what the DeviantArt search brought back. Hoo boy.

Although it will disappoint some, I'm omitting the multitudinous lascivious photos, black and white sketches, lineart, CGI art and other images depicting women "wrestling" in the same way OJ Simpson looked for the real killers. I'm not positive, but I'm fairly sure there is no such thing as the "High Heels Wrestling Federation", nor the "Global Oil and Mud Alliance". Likewise, I am omitting most fan art of real wrestlers, as most are passable or at least nothing stands out as incredibly postable, except a few that are actually quite good, and I'll include one or two. Lastly, I'm leaving out the images that go one step beyond the "sexy wrestling" and into brain-bleach territory, with furry cow wrestling in a lactation match and things like that - I just... I'm going to attempt to keep this article somewhat family, or at least human, friendly.

The sad thing is, I actually got the message "End of Results", which means I actually at least glanced at, every single image marked with the very broad "wrestling" tag, on DeviantArt - thank me later. There were a couple of dozen images that didn't load for some reason, giving error messages, but then below them, more images loaded, so I'll just consider those others lost to the ages. But enough about me and my therapy bills, let's get to the pictures!

36. Wrestling Danes

Scooby Doo vs. Astro. Not sure if awesome or stupid. The numerous comments on the page seem to indicate many people highly approve of this. For ... what it is, it is done surprisingly well, so I'm afraid I'll have to save my harsher criticisms for other things.

35. Submission Wrestling - Centaur

Alright, I couldn't resist including this one just for the sheer "am I looking at this right?" of the whole image. Again... really no words seem worthy to further elaborate on this picture, so just study it. Drink it in.


34. Jasmine vs Belle - Wrestling

Oh, hello again, Jose, I see we get to enjoy more of your top notch work, bringing childhood cartoon characters to life, to engage each other in scripted athletic competition. Okay. That's fine. I don't even think that's weird. Not even a little.

And now onto the next ima... Ahh, we meet again, Jose. I see your plan now. You will leave no childhood character, of any era, unscathed. And yes I see your "Arabian Dancing Dora" dressed like a belly dancer, in your gallery of hate. Let's see what else Jose has for us, shall we? Rather than link to each individual picture, I simply invite you to visit Jose's full gallery and search for your favorite thing to be amazed by.


Warner Bros. Buster Bunny vs. Arthur's Buster Bunny, with a few ringside allies from both sides along to cheer. I have to admit, this one is ... again, well done, for the subject. I am going to whiip myself with barbed wire after I'm done writing this.

Rugrats' Chuckie and Angelica "wrestling". That show was after my time, but... this picture... things look... wrong...

Wrestling Cat vs Coyote. Tom of Tom and Jerry Fame, and Wile E. Coyote, dressed in lucha masks, with clubs and mallots behind their backs. How does one come up with these ideas and secondly, how does one then proceed to hand sketch and pencil color them, all without being interrupted by one's inner voice, saying "You know, this is probably not really something that needs to be made"?

Wrestling Racers. Penelope Pitstop vs Dick Dastardly, from the early cartoon classic era. One of the comments on this was: "Would be even better to see her joint locking/leglocking him... great job!" Because Penelope having hold of his leg while he tries to escape just doesn't *quite* make the cut to make this image completely awesome, for that commenter.

Wrestling Belle vs Snow White. With a "funny" speech ballon and everything, as Snow White taps out. Again, I look at this and I just think, "What possesses people to do this?"

Wrestling Jem vs Hanna Montana. What I'm saying here folks, is, Jose has a LOT of cartoon character wrestling, if I haven't really made it abundantly clear. If you want it, he probably has it. Some day he will learn that lower legs are not the same size as upper legs, but other than that, he seems to have his craft pretty streamlined. Wendy vs Alice, Scooby vs Goomer(?), Wrestling Velma vs Betty, He-Man vs She-Ra. Trule, Jose is a man of many genres.

33. Wrestling

Oh thank god, we're going to be dealing with someone *besides* Jose now. Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior vs Undertaker... as kids... in a pillow fight. I ... see. I can't fault the art though, it is strange and disproportionate, but consistently so, in a cartoon manner - the coloring is top notch. This is far, far better than it has any right to be - I believe he could easily do commissions for people.

32. Wilma vs Betty Wrestling Match

Yeah, no. But thanks for the "fave add" on DeviantArt, Chicken. Love ya.

31. Wow Wrestling: Goblin vs Gnome

Oops, nudie pic, but the artwork is very nearly comic-book quality. But it's... nude female goblin vs. gnome World of Warcraft wrestling. And there's also Troll vs Night Elf... the style looks very familiar; either they've copied a famous older webcomic, or the've emulated their style perfectly.

30. Mud Wrestling

Kim Possible vs Shego... mud wrestling... I'll just leave this over here.

29. Tongue Wrestling

First of all, let me just say, "Ewww, disgusting!" And secondly, let me move on to ANYTHING else.

28. Na'vi Wrestling

Well, this isn't what I had in mind. This artist has a definite fetish for Avatar type... oh, nevermind - he's Swedish, all is explained.

27. Los Hermanos Mario

Mario and Luigi as masked tag-team wrestling champions, with a personal call to Nintendo to make this a reality. I have to admit, I support this cause. And his art, though the style itself may not be exactly your taste, is superb. Who knew?

 26. Girls Wrestling

I think the referee is supposed to check the wrestlers for foreign objects, not let them pat each other down. Maybe it's TNA or something. Be sure to visit his gallery, or as I call it, "Blousegrab Central", for all your "girls grabbing other girls' clothes" and superheroine needs. Oh, Crazymaggot - you so craaaazy!

25. Shego y Kim vs Dapne y Velma Wrestling

This Spanish artistador seems to be adept at a specific type of photoshopping, of merging a few different images together, or else he is excellent at imitating a number of professional styles. I have to say, I find the tag-team of Velma and Daphne somehow a common sense notion.


A commission piece (meaning he got PAID) of an elephant and a cow "anthro" female wrestling tag-team. Because, you know, that's a thing. One of the other commenters applauds it because cows and elephants are also HIS favorite anthro types! Well isn't this just one big happy, anthropomorphic furpile of nightmare? Another  commenter says: "^^ I really want to see these two hotties in action soon against other female anthros! Please make it so!" And our old pal, Jose (damn, I thought we'd heard the last of him) even drops by to say: "Talking about heavy weight champions!" Shrewd insight, guy who draws Disney Princesses wrestling each other. Shrewd insight.

23. You. Me. Arm-Wrestling. Now - Bella and Emmett

I know nothing of the sordid "meat" of the Twilight misery... saga, but this made me laugh, regardless of how accurate it might be.

22. Woman Wrestling Bull

Storyboard trial sketch. Mmm-hmm. I have to admit, now I'm curious as to the story that requires this. If you can't get enough of muscular women characters wrestling bears, lions, crocodiles, wildebeests, anacondas and I don't know what else - Phillip is your go-to guy.

21. Pipsqueak and Scootaloo Wrestling

I'm pretty sure it's a bad size mismatch - the one in the cowboy hat is clearly several classes superior to the - you know what, I'm deliberately thinking about proper matchups between cartoon horses. I think it's time to start wrapping this up.

20. Wrestling 12 - Clothed

Yes, there is an unclothed version too, but this one actually looks better. Now, I know this is an inverted atomic drop, something which, if performed legitimately, would really jar your spine. But somehow, this artist has taken something so wholesome and inspiring and made it somehow tawdry. For shame, Cptn0bvious. Also, if the "clothed" tag does not give you a hint, his gallery has many more samples which also may have dual versions - the pervert.

19. Sally vs Amy

Two female uh.. hedgehog... squirrels or whatever they are, from the Sonic the Hedgehog videogame universe, wrestling. Pretty well done, for cartoon rodents performing wrestling moves while giving you the vague unsettling feeling that what you're looking at should really involve a touch more "pants".

18. Lesbian Rugburn Wrestling

Whaaaat....? "And welcome back, folks," says the ring announcer, who innovatively does his announcing from within the ring itself, right next to the female wrestlers. And everyone's a furry, of course. "Carpetshark has the Underlayer in a Full Carpetbagger!". Yes, well... *pours acid on DeviantArt gallery*. What does them being lesbians have to do with wrestling on a carpeted ring surface? I don't think the artist thought this out very well. I also just looked at his gallery. WWII furry soldiers, watching over a bunker. Perfect.

17. Wrestling Ponies

A commission from a friend, supposedly, to draw "reverse anthro" My Little Ponies - you can tell because of the stars and colors on the human female wrestlers. A helpful and potentially very sad commenter tells us this is Applejack and Twilight Sparkle. Thank you - I can die now in peace knowing who the two ponies depicted in this are. Please let me die. Please. Be sure to check out the gallery to see "Bender Pony" and the "SouthPonies" and plenty more ponies-as-girls. Yes. Of course.

16. Misty vs Jessie Wrestling 2

Oho, another return guest takes up pencil once again to draw the aftermath of a match no one asked for, for all your Pokemon needs! Jose posted to say "La venganza!" which I can only assume is his thinly veiled threat to invade America and perform terrorist acts on it because he hates our freedom. Screw you, Jose.  Also I came across another image by Avi:

Wait... wasn't Tygra... a guy? *squints eyes*

15. Assassin's Creed Suplex

Don't read the comments if you want to avoid the spoilers. What spoilers, I have no idea. Word on the street is, this is some sort of "vidyagame", and I'm glad someone has finally dug into the roots of the sport and revealed that professional wrestling began as an unarmed combat martial art during the Revolutionary War. One of the commenters says:

"Okay,reading the book about Ezio and watching this awsome art was no good idea.

Hint: Connor makes this move when he sees a woman in short dress... got it?XD She does not realize it but he is peeking.


Yes. Darn your brrain. I wasn't able to follow your sly metaphorical imagery, but luckily you explained it for humanoids and ham'n'eggers like myself. Thank you.

14. Request: STF with MK Girls

If you like Mortal Kombat girl wrestlers that look identical, you're in luck, because this artist has this pose available with both of them performing it on the other, so no matter which is your favorite character, you can have it your way. Because Mortal Kombat is still relevant, right?

13. Peter, MJ + Harry at Wrestling
Okay there isn't wrestling going on in this image, but you'll see why I make an excuse to include this - holy crap! The detail on this pencil art is astounding. Of the Spider-Man kids attending a wrestling match. Let's go to gallery... an actual comic book artist. Don't view his gallery unless you want to cry in shame for looking at any other Deviant Art page and thinking, "Hmm, this art is pretty good".

12. Leela vs Amy

I'm pretty sure this is actually a screenshot from an episode of Futurama. Take it as you will.

11. Mud Wrestling is Better Then Books

So... I thought there was something vaguely off about this "comic", and after looking at the gallery... MLP and buffalo sex. You know... I'm just going to unsee that.

10. Mass Effect Wrestling 3

I didn't play Mass Effect, I don't know Mass Effect. Is everybody blue and covered in nipples? The artist has tagged it with "age warning just in case". In case of what? In case kids are too young to know who these characters are and wonder why one blue nipple person is trying to hurt another? *shrug*

9. Kim and the Bare Necessities

Okay, this is a cheat but this gallery is so amazing I'm including it because this is a bear, and there is a bear hug wrestling move, and shut up, and just go look at this artist's gallery. Amazing.

8. Dark Knight Rises

"Batman is in one of the most lethal maneuvers in all of wrestling." No. An abdominal stretch is not any such thing. Why does Batman have whiskers? This image just confuses my understanding of wrestling and Batman.

7. Ryu and Ken - Wrestling

I ... don't think whoever made this understands what "wrestling" entails. I've noticed that about a lot of the artists on Deviant Art though, to be fair.

6. DX Vegeta - Art Jam 2

I was only peripherally "into" wrestling during the DX era, and never was "into" DBZ, but I can appreciate total insanity when I see it. I appreciate this.

5. Bear Wrestling

Simple and to the point. Sometimes less is more. Especially when it involves a bear.

4. Entrapment

Poison, from Final Fight, versus Street Fighter's Chun-Li, the villain having wrapped up the muffin-headed heroine in the microphone cord, which I'm pretty sure isn't legal, but then I see a fence, maybe it's a cage match?

3. Muscle Wrestling (various)

From the dimensions, I'm assuming photoshop was used for at least some of these images, because if it wasn't... then I think it must be time to gouge my eyes out with coffee stirrers. Just look at the gallery. Do IT. DON'T LOOK AWAY. BE STRONG!

2. Boba Fett vs Grizzly Bear

I was torn, but this is the runner up for final, and best wrestling related Deviant Art image. Boba Fett vs a Grizzly Bear. It really speaks for itself.

1. Pro Wrestling NES - Giant Panther
For the last image, I choose this one. This is pure awesome. A winner is Giant Panther!

Thanks for joining me on this crazy look through the bowels of Deviant Art's wrestling fans, I hope it was entertaining. And thank you to the Deviant Art artists and commenters for being there, to provide these wonderful opportunities!


  1. Hi! Read this blog post since last year. Very amusing.

    Do you plan on doing this again? Wrestling art in da seems to be different now, so I'm curious on your reaction to the new top 36.

  2. That's an interesting idea. Another Top 36? Really? Hmm. I guess I ought to look into it to see if it's feasible. I'm just shocked anyone commented on anything specific on my blog. Thanks for the comment!