Thursday, November 15, 2012

WWE Wrestling Ring Dimensions

As of 2012, the standard WWE ring is one of the largest, dimensions-wise.

"Ring Size": 20 x 20 feet mat area (measured between the turnbuckles)

Ring Apron: 1 foot beyond ropes

Turnbuckle to Post
: 12-18 inches from ropes

Turnbuckle Pad
: padded coverings bound over steel rope-anchoring turnbuckles

Total Ring Floor Area
: 20' x 20' + 1' x 1' = 21 x 21 feet

Mat Height: 4-6 feet from floor, 4.5' average

Rope Heights: average 1, 3 and 5 feet from mat (1.5 to 2 feet between ropes)

Rope Dimensions: at least 1 inch diameter, 60-80 feet per rope (15-20' per side)

Number of Ropes: 3 top to bottom, 3 per side, usually 12 tightened segments

Rope Material
: rope (as opposed to cables used by some companies)

Mat Material: padding, heavy Canvas, plywood, steel Crossbeams and wires

Ring Posts: heavy-duty material, usually metal, 9-10 feet tall, 3+ inches diameter

Total Ring Height
: 10 feet from floor to top of post, 9.5 feet from floor to top t.b.


  1. The height of the ropoes makes no sense! How can they be one foot apart if its '1, 3,5' " from the mat? So they're 2feet apart?

    1. I'm sorry, you're correct, thanks for spotting this! I was looking up various sources as I was writing this, because I had seen one set of measurements, then others. In my mind I was thinking that, linearly, you count 1, skip 2, 3 feet is the next rope, skip 4, 5 feet is the next.

      Alternating rope heights, skipping a foot in between, worked out in my mind to be "1 foot apart", backed with another measurement I read that DOES say they're 1 foot apart - I think that set of measurements might have been referring to the turnbuckle distances and not the ropes. It was confusing! =)