Sunday, November 18, 2012

Table Scraps: WWF Wrestling Stars Game Review

This Table Scraps is a retrospective look back and review of the 1985 board game, WWF Wrestling Stars Game, before they were even called Superstars, from the Hulk Hogan era, or heyday and genesis of professional wrestling's soaring popularity in the mainstream. Unlike most of the other Abstruse Decapod videos, this actually has live camera video, rather than screen capture, as we rummage through what is left of this board game from over 20 years ago.

As a special bonus, various images, including the board, rules, all the wrestler cards and stand-up pawn miniatures with full body photos of the wrestlers, are all available for free download as an historical curiosity of trivia, for those interested in seeing a genuine relic from the hazy past of pro wrestling, the WWF and board games.

[Download WWF Wrestling Stars Game Archive Here]

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