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Thursday, April 23, 2015

20 Items Found In a Haunted House - Ragine Swan Press

I come across cool tabletop RPG lists and links now and then and this is one. Simple, nothing crazy awesome about it, but very solid, good template for other items, and a really good evocative drawing of an exterior shot of a haunted house. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Supervillain Showdown for Icons RPG Released on DriveThru/RPGNow!

So I am a contributor at Blessed Machine for this RPG release for the Icons RPG system. Supervillain Showdown is a "pack" of a five member team of supervillains called Hardhate - a gadget-powered construction crew bent on vengeance! The Foreman, Lemonhead, Dragline, Lookout and Slag! I think it's $5 right now.

If you get it, we'd love to hear what you think. Leave a review on RPGNOW/DriveThruRPG or post of Facebook or email or PM us, something! Thanks!…/148076/Supervillain-Showdown-1-ICONS

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Evilution Unchained Superhero Adventure for Icons, HERO 6 RPG

Evilution Unchained supers adventure and HERO Designer Character Pack for HERO 6E RPG sytem and Icons system. Also a Hero Systems 6E Combat Record sheet!  

Hey everybody! Looking for a fun, entertaining city-based adventure for the HERO or Icon systems? Pete Ruttman at Blessed Machine has released the new Icons version of Evilution Unchained (previously only in HERO format), as well as a pay-what-you-want HERO 6 Combat Record Sheet! I did some of the art/illustrations in the adventure and helped give some feedback, so I'm pretty proud of this product myself! Why not try it out and see what you think?! :)

Evilution Unchained is a three act mystery adventure that takes the heroes throughout the city to solve a series of high profile kidnappings. Heroes will Hunt for clues on nine Fully detailed color maps to discover a horrific plot that threatens the entire campaign city. Also, The Heroes will meet a fresh batch of full color supervillains as they try to solve the mystery of Evilution Unchained