Monday, February 23, 2015


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Okay, this is just a goofy one-off, but seeing so many posts on Facebook about this new cold front and winter attack, I made this, thanks to a very intrepid weather reporter!

Frankie Macdonald reports the weather and he is AWESOME at his job!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Modern Crossbow Hunter Silhouette

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This is a freely downloadable black silhouette of a modern day crossbow hunter. It's available in two formats:

SVG (scalable vector graphic)


Small Demo Image:

Sunday, February 8, 2015

36 Questions for Character Development

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36 Questions for Character Development

This is taken from a New York Times article, considering the possibility of falling in love being a process encouraged by sharing 36 questions between two people and staring into each other's eyes for 2-4 minutes. While the jury is likely still out on that idea, I found the questions themselves, by and large, very solid ones one might ask of a character, to help a player develop a more fully realized personality and sense of being, for roleplaying purposes.

1. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

2. Would you like to be famous? In what way?

3. Before making a telephone call or having a planned discussion, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? Why?

4. What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

5. When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Creating Coherent RPG Adventures From Random Elements

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Obviously, what you want, as a tabletop RPG designer or GM, ultimately, is to come up with a few good solid components to make a coherent adventure. Sadly, even the best "adventure generator" you find online or PDF or book you buy, can provide you with elements or the skeleton of a framework, but the content itself, the specifics, often do not lend themselves to combinations.

There are good, creative designers and GMs that can work with about anything and make awesome adventures with the strangest ingredients, but that type of genius may not come that easy to the rest of us, me especially. But I do want to discuss and hopefully give an example of how this type of thing CAN be done - it IS possible, but it isn't magic - it does take effort and some rather unintuitive conclusions and leaps of deduction, to make a plot.

Among other things, I've created a random plot element generator, for lack of a better term, uncreatively titled, "22,000 Count Word Generator", which you can find here:

Video version of this article

The linked Youtube video version of this article is here: [LINK]

The Audio is here: [LINK]

Now first off - I created this primarily for inspiration, so in its most basic form, it just spits out random things - adjectives, nouns, whatever, in no particular order or relation. From there I tried to refine it a bit and built one option to give some structure - a person or thing, an action or verb, an event or other thing - to sort of artificially give some hierarchy of usefulness to the random words. Then I decided to make both viable, so when you generate info with it, it may give you one style, or the other. And overall, this is of variable use - you can get crap no matter what, or some may be compelling. Both are set up in the form of Acts and Scenes, with a few scenes per Act, as per the standard narrative story or plot structure. Ideally, the elements of each would make sense and tie in to others, but as it is, these designations of "Scene 2, 3" are really just suggestions.

Let's just start with the first page I get, and we'll see what works and what doesn't, and what we can do with what works. Here is the first of the result sets that my generator gives us.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Top Six RPG Elements Video on Youtube

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Table Scraps: Top Six RPG Elements: via @YouTube
Table Scraps has reviews, humor and other videos on tabletop board, card, dice and RPG games. This is a collection of a few different "top six" lists generated by some "toys" I made and have online. NPCs, useless items, wrestling movies, scene/plot elements, just to name a few. I'd love to get feedback from anyone on this! Enjoy!

Monday, October 20, 2014

"Mac wants the what?" Cafe Press Scifi-Horror Merchandise - Perfect for Christmas!

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Here is my new "Mac wants the what?", scifi-horror, flamethrower-and-tentacles section of Cafe Press items. Give that special someone a shirt, mug, sticker or sexy thong (a Thing thong?) for Christmas!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Room - The Coloring Book

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Hello movie lover, you have found the right place! This is THE ROOM - THE COLORING BOOK! Well, it's the first section of the phenomenal hit by Tommy Wiseau, where Lisa winds up in Oh Hai Mark's lap. Download it for your kids today!

Download [The Room - The Coloring Book]

Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Online Convention Aug. 16,2014: P&PGCon!

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PPGCon I (Pen and Paper Games Convention) is taking place at in the Chatroom and its various game rooms, and will feature many live text-chat games, as well as possibly some using the chatroom-based voice feature. The chat has exploding dice, card draws, a good selection of game rooms which can host a solid amount of different games at once and alternating all through the day, as well as special guests.

Pen and Paper Games Convention I (Aug. 16, 2014)

Join us in the chat room on the first P&PG Mini Convention on August 16th,2014, where great DMs host one shot games for you! We have practically every genrecovered to choose from! The gaming site caters to roleplayers and gamedesigners alike looking to test their games. With over 20,000 members thissite is one of the few that has an active forum and chat room. You can look forplayers in your area, enjoy tabletop games online in the chat room or in play bypost format. You have friendly staff that will help cater to your needs and tonsof discussions on all types of topics.

Come in and have a great time and look for the chat room on August 16th to play great games or just hang out!

More information can be found at

Please feel free to sign up to be a GM or player, and if you're feeling really civic-minded and want to help encourage and promote gaming and fellowship and help players and GMs find new avenues of opportunity, please plop a banner on your site, print out and put up a flyer at your local gamestore, library, laundromat or any other public place, or mention and link to PPGCon on Facebook, Twitter or whatever else you use - thanks!

SEPTEMBER 20th 2014
OCTOBER 18th 2014
NOVEMBER 15th 2014
DECEMBER 20th 2014
JANUARY 17th 2015

PPGCon Flyers (please print out and place in appropriate areas to help promote PPGCon!)

Register as a GM (register at, fill out info for game you want to GM)