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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Savage Worlds Dice Probability Chart

I'm working on a peripherally SvWo related project, and would like to know how you all think this page looks and if it has what you would want for probability info, or what else you'd suggest? Thanks for any feedback and feel free to use this in good health.

Monday, October 2, 2017

New! D6Party Dice FontPack! Just $1!

Do you need a simple font with some D6s (six-sided dice) of various kinds and patterns, and a few other RPG elements? This is the font for YOU!

I was trying to find a dice font to make a random table, and I couldn't find any good free dice fonts like I was looking for, so I made this! I hope you like it!

Check it out, drop me a line or comment, give me some feedback!

Get D6Party Dice FontPack!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Hot Guys Making Out Yaoi RPG

Well, I have not seen the rules so this isn't a review, but someone on Facebook made me aware of this recently and I have to give it credit for novelty. It looks, from all the reviews, like it's well made and engaging, and for some, will scratch the itch that most likely no RPG has directly, tacitly scratched until now. At $13 for print or $6 for ebook, it's hard to justify against anyone interested in this idea passing it up.

If anyone has any thoughts on it, I'd be interested to see them, and maybe post them in an updated article. Enjoy!

Story Games Thread

Meta Gamemstery Review

Official Hot Guys Making Out Site

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Random Modern Venue Generator (arena, coliseum, etc)

Hey everyone! Online now is the Abstruse Decapod Venue Generator, which will give you arenas, fairgrounds and all manner of cities and states, from 300 to 150,000 capacity, within the US (foreign additions coming late). There is a base of 1500 real venues, plus totally random generation of new fictional arenas just for YOU! This is pefect for anyone needing a place to visit in an rpg (music club, gathering) or the choice for a wrestling card!