Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My View: Bernie Sanders, Hillary, etc.

Even if I *could* speak for "all" of my party, I couldn't do it for Democrats because I'm an Independent, which is poised to become THE largest "party" in the US, bigger then GOP and Dems combined.

Hillary comes off as extremely hawkish, which I don't agree with. She's a corporatist and/or Third Wayer, who is funded almost completely by Wall Street and Corporations. She has NEVER held these further-left views that she has recently espoused, and clearly has been driven that way by Sanders and even the other Dem candidates, no doubt much to the dismay of the DNC chair Debbie Washerman Schultz.

Schultz, said, in an indulgent, amused tone as one would used with a child, when asked about Sanders or socialism of something: "Oh, pff, no. That's... the Democratic party is left-wing of course, but we're still American. We certainl aren't socialist" (paraphasing). And then when asked what the difference was BETWEEN Democrats and socialists, couldn't answer. (Maybe the first part of this paragraph was here reply, can't recall offhand).

I don't pretend to understand everything in life or politics or money or social issues or whatever, and anyone that says they do is either lying or selling something, probably both. Sanders has stated his stance against (unnecessary) war, he's much more focused on income inequality, free tuition for 4 year colleges, breaking up monopoly monolithic corporations, actually setting tax rates right for PEOPLE, righting the economical spending, etc. A litany of things. Actual REAL progressive things.

Not "liberal", past that - PROGRESSIVE. I don't care if he calls it socialism or ham-sandwichism. I'm not intimidated by words, and I judge things by what I can see or read or currently understand about them. I do lament the fact that "progressive" is a somewhat reviled term because it has been co-opted by leftist extremists the way some see other terms as also co-opted by leftist extremists, to authoritarian, speech stifling extents.

There is criticism of Bernie Sanders because he's "not a Democrat". That's still this same nonsense at work. If you compare him to ACTUAL *real* Democrats, from just a bit over a decade or so back, or especially multiple decades, he is the ONLY Democrat in the Democratic party. Hillary is CERTAINLY not one, and the media doesn't give enough exposure to the others to even tell.

I don't claim to know the intricate details of exactly how Bernie is going to do X or Y, but you can say that about ANYONE. Whoever someone is voting for, that person very rarely will be able to comprehend what is involved in the claims they make, about how they're going to make certain things come about - and that is still on the general surface level. Unless you yourself came UP inside political circles, you really have no idea how the guts are cut, even if you understand the topic.

Bernie Sanders isn't perfect. He's not "powerful", and yes he's been in politics for 30 some years. But in those years, you can look at his actions and his record, in politics and in society, and see how he've voted and what bills he's sponsored or voted for or against, and what sides he's been on during social issues. Sanders is one of the few, possibly the ONLY person that even comes CLOSE to being authentic and I believe he will do everything he can to make exactly the changes and put the plans into place that he says he will. I don't give that benefit of the doubt to ANY other politician in any party. Hillary, if elected, will immediately or as quickly as possible, return to her Neo-Republican roots and ignore, undo or twist any promises or claims she made that are "too left leaning" for the banks or corporations to be happy with.

*Elizabeth Warren and Larry Lessg, both no longer in the picture, are also included with Sanders