Omakase Amzn

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Top 36 DeviantArt Search Images for "Wrestling"

Well, I was uploading something to Deviant Art, and being a wrestling fan, I thought I'd look and see if there were any interesting wrestling-related images up. Now I make wrestling images too, so I've seen a few odd ones over the years, but had never just sat down and typed "wrestling" and looked at what the DeviantArt search brought back. Hoo boy.

Although it will disappoint some, I'm omitting the multitudinous lascivious photos, black and white sketches, lineart, CGI art and other images depicting women "wrestling" in the same way OJ Simpson looked for the real killers. I'm not positive, but I'm fairly sure there is no such thing as the "High Heels Wrestling Federation", nor the "Global Oil and Mud Alliance". Likewise, I am omitting most fan art of real wrestlers, as most are passable or at least nothing stands out as incredibly postable, except a few that are actually quite good, and I'll include one or two. Lastly, I'm leaving out the images that go one step beyond the "sexy wrestling" and into brain-bleach territory, with furry cow wrestling in a lactation match and things like that - I just... I'm going to attempt to keep this article somewhat family, or at least human, friendly.