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Fun Toys and RPG Generators

[Wrestling Move Generator]
Example: Modified Sommersault Three Quarter Midnight Dropper

[Wrestler Name, Hometown, Stats Generator]

Example: Enforcer Rosaura, Prelim/Jobber, Face, 4'1'', 182 lbs., White Eyes, Dark Brown Hair, Female, 15 years old, Managua, Nicaragua, Set-Up Move: Switchback German LegUppercut, Finisher: Side Flowing Faceplant NerveSubmission

[Universal Technobabble Generator]
Example: multi-laterally actuate the tri-servo baseline bearing (10 s)

[Historic Event Date Generator (w/ Wikipedia Link)]

Example: Your random historical event year: 933 CE

[Useless Item Generator]

Example: Whistling Slipper of Alligator Wrestling

[Fantasy Item Generator]

Example: Scrap (horseshoes, Nails, Etc) 5d10 Lbs, Warhammer, D6 Lb Chicken Or Rabbit

[Gem Generator]

Example: Semi-Precious I: a Small, Translucent/Poor, Barion cut Jasper, weighing 7 carats and measuring up to 10 mm (0.39 in.), in the shape of a/n Skull, worth 2.1 gold crowns (1.5 silver shillings per carat).

[Hong Kong Location Generator]
[Feng Shui Site Generator]

Examples: Sir Li Yong's Surf And Turf and Calderra of the Supreme Foot

[Fantasy Artifact Generator]

Example: Book: The Ur Slates is a/n medium-sized (48-144 pages), newish journal bound in leather. It takes 10 hours to study and comprehend. It is written in Infernal in a/n barely legible hand. The cover has a demonic face on it. Spells: Spider Jump, Shrivelling, Contact Cthulhu.

[Narrative Descriptives Generator]
Example: Whitesparkle Peak

[Fantasy Monster Generator (with Stats)]

Example: Blue-Hide Cuttlefish, Evade +4, Armor -1, Temperate Mountains, Solitary, Social, Carnival, Nocturnal

[Abstruse Decapod Toys]

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