Friday, November 30, 2012

What I've Been Doing, Part I: Animals in RPGs, Medieval Measurements

I've been doing a lot of work, research, writing and organizing on:

animal bite forces, sizes, weights, senses, abilities
diets, care, space, speed, burdens, abilities for horses (need to do dogs, birds, tigers, bears)

I realized that in the Solomon Kane game I run, and others, I've had people with either just trained animals or pets, or actual NPC allies which they've even turned into sidekicks (NPCs that can gain levels like PCs), but I have little or no real support or treatment of how these are to be treated or used in play, or what other features they may have outside of "monster manual"/bestiary stats, and that needs to change.

medieval measurements: linear (ancient measures: fingers, cubits, roods, perchates, chains)
medieval measurements: area (acres, hides, baronies, manors, etc)
deep settlement (village/city) creation and development, including land features (water, arability, resources)
deconstructing the Solomon Kane plot hooks, to add to an adventure generator to produce a very involve level of detailed elements from which to create new adventures, using randomness/die rolls
putting hopefully 3+ adventures together to sell on an rpg site

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