Saturday, July 18, 2015

Free Tabletop Rolayplaying Games Reminder

Hey all, this is just a sort of "update" (though some of the links are the same) of a good selection of resources for legally, freely available tabletop roleplaying games for download - some indie and new(er), some old and kindly made free by their creators. Take a look, there's likely something you'll like!

Free Tabletop RPGs

There are free rpg day collections and just in general lots of people doing other free rpgs. Many full games also have free quickstart or test drive rules.This is just a quick, small sample:

One Thousand Monkeys, etc:

John Kim's:

RPG Free List:

Chris Garrison:

SciFi Free RPG List:

RPG Library Log: (work pages from last, 5, from free to pay)



West End Game/Opens D6: or


Free RPG Day:

Call of Cthulhu QS:

Savage Worlds TD:

DriveThruRPG Search for Free :

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