Friday, July 17, 2015

Women Wrestling Low Blows Is A Thing

So... a video collection of women in wrestling receiving "illegal low blows" exists. First, I can't believe there are this many, though obviously some are very nickel and dime promotions, and second, someone said "I need to collect these all in one video". You can always tell the ... true wrestling fans?

Now I see there is at least one more, apparently by a girl:

And now I see Female Low Blows, Nut Shot (Nut Shot) , Crotch Shot, It Hurts Girls Too... is there some internet meme or fad I missed until now? In looking through these, I see one or two low blows on guys, usually just a clip from one match or something, like there isn't as much interest. What could this mean?

I welcome any thoughts on this!

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