Monday, September 03, 2012

Encylopedia Britannica Gives Up On "Normal People"

The company that, for decades, has been happy to sell you a set of books so heavy that God himself couldn't lift it all at once, and so expensive for the average blue-collar worker, that the gold-gilt lettering on the spines of each volume can be used as a status symbol in most communities whose main activities are hay bales, greatly anticipating new Super Bowl commercials, and "fixin' my truck".

Britannica has said goodbye to the physical medium for their contribution to literacy and knowledge, discontinuing the printed word version of their encyclopedia, in exchange for the digital format, because, I mean, who reads real books, right?

Don't worry though, they still charge money, so you still get that fresh, new, money-sucking experience, but now all you have is a virtual collection of 0's and 1', which have been repeatedly proven to be damn poor table leg levelers and spider squishers.

This was a no-brainer, financially, for Britannica, but will it wind up being a "no brainer" for everyone else too?

CNN Article
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