Friday, December 14, 2012

Tabletop Tools: Inspiration Pad Pro 3 Free Download

 I've been organizing pdfs and articles i have on writing better adventures and such, to
help me find and focus on all my works of that kind, with the proper references, to get this Inspiration Pad generator thing to work better. It went south when i tried to do too much in the same generator, especially with me not being super-familiar with its scripting, so i'm going to separate them out and go one step at a time - baby steps.

If you haven't seen Inspiration Pad, it's an awesome free (also a pay version) application you can download that lets you easily make random generators out of simple text files, some of them quite sophisticated - most useful for tabletop role playing games (at least for me).

Inspiration Pad Pro 3:

They've got a character sheet designer and fractal mapper and other tools gamers might find helpful.

NBOS also has some neat online generators, which look to have been created with Inspiration Pad Pro, and the results put up on their site as examples.

I hope to be able to make random villains of my own choosing for RPG systems that I can't find that sort of thing for. Maybe random hazards, etc. The possibilities are almost endless!

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