Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tutorial: How To Permanently Set New Default Template in Libre Office (Oct 2013)

From what I can tell, most documentation and videos are out of date lately, about how to set the Libre Office Default Template (for Writer).

Yes, you can set it with the instructions on the Libre Office help page, and it will create a new properly-templated document when you double-click the Libre Office 4.1 shortcut suite launcher, but what about those people (like me) who create new documents by using the right-click context menu in a Windows folder, and selecting "New > OpenDocument Text"? You won't get your nice, new template you just made - it will revert to the core default template.

This video will instruct you how to permanently set Libre Office to use your own custom template, and works even with the right-click context menu.

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