Friday, August 16, 2013

Abstruse Decapod's Universal Technobabble Generator Online!

Finally, at last! Abstruse Decapod has its very own Universal Technobabble Generator!

You can find it linked to in our Toys section here!

The actual direct link is:

It generates technobabble phrases, actions, parts and devices of varying lengths and complexities and timeframes to accomplish the actions. Here are ten examples, to whet your space whistle!

1. hyper-cube the glo-plexi gel (almost exactly 18 h)
2. shape the orbital photon drive (precisely a few seconds)
3. dif-collar the vertice stabilizer (nearly a few seconds)
4. entangle the dio-standard spider-gear in the vega-forced interrogator (around 10 m)
5. rapidly pro-fuse the deci-cosmic transformer dish actuator in the para teaser (about 20 m)
6. dif-gate the iso-optic cog adjuster in the dura-meta loosener (approximately 20 s)
7. systemize the magneto-trans coolant (almost a few seconds)
8. multi-rythmically impel the plastic brick (roughly 30 m)
9. suppress the parthon chain-reactionary obdurium safeguard (precisely 20 s)
10. slab the iono-carrier manacle (12 h)

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