Thursday, March 07, 2013

Offtopic: Eschew Twist Ties - Spin It Instead!

I sat an unopened, twist-tied loaf of bread on my table the other day. Later that day I went to open it and found roaches in it.

I have roaches, because if there is a god, he hates me. I have various suspicions about who to blame but it's pointless to do so.

But anyway, normally after I open a loaf of grocery store off-the-shelf bread, I just spin it tightly and tuck the excess twisted plastic under the loaf and sit it back on the table without tying it, and it never gets anything in it.

Which means what I do is more secure than the way commercial bread is packaged, and the bread sitting on the shelf at the store, is quite open to things crawling into it with little effort.

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  1. Maybe the roaches came with the bread before it was packaged.