Saturday, February 21, 2015

Free Tabletop RPG Resources 2015

Free Tabletop RPG Resources

Free Games

OpenD6 (formerly West End Games' D6, base for original Star Wars and Ghostbusters)

RISUS the Anything RPG

Basic Fantasy Roleplaying

Free RPG Day Site

The Free RPG Blog

Open Game Systems

Modos Roleplaying Game (by PPG's own DMMike!)

Dungeons and Dragons (5th ed)

d20 Source Reference Document

Free RPG List

1km1kt Free Game PDFs

Free Adventures/Dungeons/Plots

One Page Dungeon Contest

Five Room Dungeons

RPGObjects Adventures

Free Online D&D Adventures

RPGNET Wiki Free Adventures


83 Free Adventures

Servitor Ludi Adventures

Arch Lich Thoth-Amon's Blog of Free Adventures (PPG site member)

D&D Adventures 500+

Greatest Free Official Adventures

Dragonsfoot Free Downloads

Basic Fantasy Free Adventures

Free Art

Free/Open Fantasy Art

Free RPG Art

Open Game Art

Open Clip Art Library (RPG Search)

1500 Free Icons For Your Game

Free Maps/Tiles

Donjon Fantasy World Generator

Free Maps Thread, GamerPrinter


RPG Mapshare


RPG Virtual Tabletop Maps

Paratime Design

Anamap Online Mapmaker

Ye Old Mapmaker

Dave's Mapper



Cartographer's Guild Free RPG Maps

Dragonsfoot Maps

Dream Weaves Worlds Maps

Dungeons Unlimited

Fantastic Maps

Pinterest Batltemaps

Hexmapper (download)

Gozzy's Map Creator

City Map Generator

Greenfish Relief Map Generator (download)

Battlegrounds Index of Free Map Resources

AutoREALM (download)


Stonesword Dungeonmaker, Mapmaker, etc

Dungeoncrafter III - previously commercial (download)

Free Virtual Tabletops (for playing long distance online)

OpenRPG (download from top of right menubar)

Maptool (download)

Roll20 - online visual tabletop

Screen Monkey - paid and free versions (download GM client, players use browser)

Index of Virtual Tabletops

Vassal - general tabletop to play some board games online (download)

Free Random Generators

Abstruse Decapod's Toys (names, monsters, technobabble, etc)

Chris Pounds Generators (includes tons of US census name elements)

Chaotic Shiny - very large list, lots of variety, great page layout, crisp site!

Springhole Generators

Behind the Name Generator

Seventh Sanctum (absolutely enormous)

Generators of the Seventh Order (a community and archive of user made generators!)

Rangen (various, including for writing)

RandomGen (make your own generator, etc)

Donjon Generators

Serendipity Generators

Inspiration Pad (downloadable app to let you make your own generators)

NBOS Online Generators

Free Paper Miniatures/Tokens

Token Tool - create your own tokens (download)

Devin's Tokens (also has pay tokens)

OneMonk Minis

Junior General Minis (majority are soldiers/military/vehicles)

Zen Paper Miniatures (various genres)

Great RPG Swindle's Index of Free Paper Mini Resources

How to Make Paper Minis Instructable

Printable Heroes Pack

Paper Minis/Papercraft

Dark City Downloads

Make a Paper and Cardboard Medieval Castle

Medieval Buildings Paper Models

Paper model of an early middle-age castle named Louvaillac.

Free Paper Miniatures Flat Figures and Minis (list of links)

Fantasy paper miniature models (blog)

Free paper miniatures and terrain on the web (discussion on SJG forum)

Cardboard Warriors

Arion Games Minis

Heroquest Minis

Paper Minis on Tumblr

Free Visual Character Makers

Hero Machine

Marvel Superhero Creator

Fabrica de Herois (Spanish)

Magic Set Editor - I used it to make MtG style NPCs (download)

Flash Face Maker

Free Other RPG Resources

RPGNow Free Downloads (games, adventures, supplements, charts, minis, etc)

Public Domain Superheroes

GM Tips

RPG.NET (biggest general RPG site/forum)

Strolen's Citadel (huge variety of articles, tips, randomness, items, npcs, adventures, rules, etc)

Art, Documents, Office

Photofiltre (great PAINTlike app, fast, simple)

GIMP - full features graphics editor like Adobe Photoshop (download)

PhoXo - another image editing software (download)

Libre Office - free full featured office suite alternative to MS Office (download)

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