Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Online Convention Aug. 16,2014: P&PGCon!

PPGCon I (Pen and Paper Games Convention) is taking place at in the Chatroom and its various game rooms, and will feature many live text-chat games, as well as possibly some using the chatroom-based voice feature. The chat has exploding dice, card draws, a good selection of game rooms which can host a solid amount of different games at once and alternating all through the day, as well as special guests.

Pen and Paper Games Convention I (Aug. 16, 2014)

Join us in the chat room on the first P&PG Mini Convention on August 16th,2014, where great DMs host one shot games for you! We have practically every genrecovered to choose from! The gaming site caters to roleplayers and gamedesigners alike looking to test their games. With over 20,000 members thissite is one of the few that has an active forum and chat room. You can look forplayers in your area, enjoy tabletop games online in the chat room or in play bypost format. You have friendly staff that will help cater to your needs and tonsof discussions on all types of topics.

Come in and have a great time and look for the chat room on August 16th to play great games or just hang out!

More information can be found at

Please feel free to sign up to be a GM or player, and if you're feeling really civic-minded and want to help encourage and promote gaming and fellowship and help players and GMs find new avenues of opportunity, please plop a banner on your site, print out and put up a flyer at your local gamestore, library, laundromat or any other public place, or mention and link to PPGCon on Facebook, Twitter or whatever else you use - thanks!

SEPTEMBER 20th 2014
OCTOBER 18th 2014
NOVEMBER 15th 2014
DECEMBER 20th 2014
JANUARY 17th 2015

PPGCon Flyers (please print out and place in appropriate areas to help promote PPGCon!)

Register as a GM (register at, fill out info for game you want to GM)

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