Monday, April 14, 2014

Roll20 Token Actions (for Solomon Kane/Savage Worlds)

Hello there neighbors, I've put up a short video demonstrating one way you can use Roll20's Token Actions, which I didn't understand the nature of until very recently. This video covers the free browser-based virtual tabletop (VTT) roleplaying game application's Token Actions macro feature as implemented for the Solomon Kane/Savage Worlds campaign I run online.

The video involved things like a player choosing one or more targets for a certain type of attack, and rolling Fighting against the target('s) Parry, which the program references from the enemy's Character Sheet in the Journal tab. I'm very impressed with Roll20's progress and features and am pleased the Token Actions are so much easier than I thought they were at first. The techniques I use in the video can easily be applied to any other game system, even board or card games, so if this sounds intriguing, I urge you to please check out my video and Roll20. Thanks for reading and watching! -JP

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  1. JP: I have seen a bunch of your Solomon Kane stuff on the web and I am putting together a Solomon Kane campaign with elements from Witch Hunter on Roll20 and can use any tips you may have in regards to macros or anything else.