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JP's Chart Pack

This is set up as a way for kind folks to donate to or support my presence on the web with a gift of $1.34 through PayPal (PayPal keeps $0.34, so I get $1.00), which may be made using PayPal or any credit card.

For this gift, I will email or link to you, the buyer, a zip or PDF (your choice) of all the charts I've made (mostly for tabletop RPGs and related projects), though I admit they range in quality and usefulness; some may be small and of very limited scope, while others may be very large and expansive, with possibly some interesting data.

Conslidated Wind Speed Charts: hurricanes, tornadoes, tidal waves, sea conditions
RPG Divination: Tarot , Geomancy, Runes, Palmistry, Phrenology
Money: coins, their material, and history equivalents and comparisons, wages and the same
Global Disasters and Pandemics: plagues, hurricane damage, death tolls and world populations
Kitchen Measurement/Conversions: pinch, smidge, weight, units
Fantasy/Medieval Measurements: span, land, horse's needs (food per day), travel distances, speed
Medieval Acre Equivalents: square yards and feet, cultural equivalents, historical and modern
Other Assorted: various and sundry other things I'll put together as a "grab bag" of sorts

So if any of that sounds useful or interesting, please click on the button below to purchase the modest offering, and I'll email it to you as soon as I get an email notice of the sale. Thank you!

Zip or PDF, Email, Requests

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