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Patterson Beck-England Genealogy

Patterson's Beck-England Genealogy Document (1980)

This is the Beck-England Genealogy Document, compiled/written in Northeast Oklahoma in 1980 by Archie Patterson (later Flud), edited for appearance/download 2008 by Jason J. Patterson, and supplied to the public in both 2008 (until died) and June 2015 for public/private genealogy/family tree/roll purposes for by Jason J. Patterson. 

Patterson's Beck-England Genealogy Document (1980) (.PDF)

I don't have any other similar documents so I'm afraid I can't help anyone past this. I don't know where all the genealogy stuff my mom had, went. She hand copied the Dawed rolls but all her genealogy stuff got loaned to someone decades ago and they never got it back to our family, sadly. Hopefully this will help fill in a few missing puzzle pieces for other genealogy enthusiasts. -JP

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