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About AbsDec

Abstruse Decapod is the newest incarnation for a number of previous websites and blogs and other such things that have been scattered across the net for years, from free hosted sites to those hosted on honest to goodness for-pay commercial webspace. I may or may not branch out to a fuller site for this site at some point, but for now I think I’m going to just use some space I’ve been kindly given by an online friend, and free resources available, as costs forced me to let my previous domain and site, Zanysite.Com, disappear into the bowels of the Wayback Machine.

Abstruse Decapod, or AbsDec, as I’ve never called it before now, but will start at this moment, is sort of a possibly ill-advised melting pot of various interests and entertainment, from humor, to various types of games, including simulators and tabletop role playing games, and creating each, to videos and other related errata.
For those visitors who are familiar with the plucky little website called the Professional Wrestling Simulator Enthusiast, or PWSE, focusing on, not surprisingly, professional wrestling games and simulators, mostly homemade text-based affairs, well, Abstruse Decapod is now the new home for all of that site’s content and topics, as well as related topics, such as other non-wrestling simulations and games, so it hasn’t been reincarnated so much as re-imagined and reborn in a new form.

As always, we welcome any comments, questions or thoughts, and hope everyone finds something useful.

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